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Egyptian Cruiser

Learn About Egypt and Egyptian History and Pick up Souvenirs

Welcome to Egyptian Cruiser where you can enjoy your share of The Egyptian Mystery.
Together, we'll have the chance to get closer to Egypt and Egyptian History. And as we all learn and gain knowledge about Egypt, you can also get some souvenirs through the links available.

Since the dawn of humanity, Man sought the ultimate FACT! Throughout his journey on the Earth, Experimentation was a primary guide to survive. But SOON, he discovered keys to IMMORTALITY! Ages ago, Egypt had been an active scene where part of the mysterious play was going on. Bouncing up to climax and down hill repeatedly, civilization has had its rounds in this land. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans,Copts, Muslim Arabs... Fatimis, Mamloukis, Ottomans! All have melt into the hybrid cultrue of today's Egypt . Yet, There prints are still trackable thanx to HISTORY who is always there! Egyptian Cruiser gives you a chance to see and touch their tracks. Browse and pick up your share of the mystery........!!

The first step in communicating with some people is learning this people's language and the first step in learning a language is learning THE ALPHABET. This is the most ancient alphabet in Egypt.......

Hieroglyphic Alphabet

Now as you have already learned how to write your name in Hieroglyphics, it's time to browse so that you might find out more mysteries !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU INSIDE............

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